Best Location to Stay in Mukteshwar

If you're looking for the best location to stay in Mukteshwar then there are several places to stay in Mukteshwar, some being quite far away from the tourist masses. Two places that are worth considering when looking for the best location to stay in Mukteshwar are Theedar Hotel and Ashoka Resort.

Nestled at a high altitude among the mountains, the Ashoka resort is spread over more than 500 acres and offers a wide range of accommodation, from rooms and board and resort suites, to bungalows, villas, and more.

The hotels and resorts here have a small number of rooms but they all have excellent interiors and the rooms are well furnished, well maintained and equipped with modern facilities. All rooms here have direct access to the swimming pool and there are also heated outdoor pools to entertain guests during the winter seasons.

About Pine Resort

The pine resort is another one among the best places to stay in Mukteshwar, with lovely views of the surrounding natural beauty and the surrounding village and hamlet. Here you will find large rooms and spacious indoor balconies and open spaces with modern amenities. The guests having excellent English or other non-English speaking skills can opt for the guesthouses and bungalows here as these offer excellent facilities and well-organized hospitality to their guests.

About Lake View Hotel

One of the best places to stay in Mukteshwar is the Lake View Hotel, which is located amidst the lovely landscape and is a great place to relax. This charming hotel has a lot of recreational activities for their guests, which they can enjoy during their stay at Mukteshwar and its nearby places.

These include access to a beach and a trekking center as well as many other outdoor activities organized by the hotel. There are many other luxury hotels in Mukteshwar that offer the best services and modern amenities to their guests.

So if you too want to experience a pleasurable stay and wish to be pampered to the max, then you should check out the best hotels in Mukteshwar and make your stay memorable.

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